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Online Equipment Type Approval Submission Form


Manufacturer Details

For Individual completing this application

Equipment Details


As part of the application, the following documents are required:


·         Technical documentation of the equipment requiring Type approval


·         Equipment Type Approval Certificate from a reputable approving body (Namely, FCC and ETSI)


·         Safety Report


·         EMC Report


·         An authorization letter if acting on behalf of a company




I declare that all information provided in this application, and in the documents attached are true and correct.  I/we will not market the equipment within the Virgin Islands (British) until type approval has been granted.



If you are signing on behalf of a Company or organization



Bevis Sylvester

EMAIL: bsylvester [at] trc [dot] vg

Guy L. Malone

Guy L. Malone is Chief Executive Officer of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) of the Virgin Islands.

Mr. Malone, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the post having served government in the area of telecommunications for the past 32 years. During his tenure he worked in various related positions within the Ministry of Communications and Works where he rose to the rank of Director of Telecommunications before moving to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission as the Technical and Operations Director. He also executed the duties of Chief Executive Officer on numerous occasions in an acting capacity and was one of the driving forces behind the liberalization of the telecommunications market in the BVI in 2005.


Mr. Malone is a graduate of Brunnel College of Technology in the United Kingdom where he was awarded a degree in Communications Electronics Engineering in 1990. He also hold a diploma in Telecommunications Management Studies from Bailbrook College in Bath, England.

EMAIL: gmalone [at] trc [dot] vg


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